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is to recognize and react to child abuse; to educate the public to do the same; to serve as advocates and provide strength and stability to families in crisis; and be an answer to the prayer of an abused child or teen for courage, support and protection.

Committed to the Cause

You must have access to a motorcycle, but do not have to own one.


Q: What if I want to be part of the organization but do not wish to become a member?


A: You can be a supporter without being a member.


Q: As a supporter, will I be able to join in all events?


A: Yes, as long as you have successfully passed a background check.


Q: Who do I speak to about joining?


A: Our membership coordinator. Visit our web site for contact information.


Q: Who do I speak to about making a donation?


A: Donations can be forwarded to our treasurer. Visit our web site for contact information.


Q: Is this a non-profit organization?


A: Yes, we are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.


Q: How are the organization's funds used?


A: All funds are used to benefit the children that we directly support / adopt and also

to educate the public about child abuse prevention.

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