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Guardians of the Children (GOC) is a Biker Organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of child abuse victims.

We partner with Children Advocacy Agencies, Victim Assistance Groups and others to raise awareness of the prevalence of child abuse in our community. Our partnerships allow us to reach more families in our community, and our alliances as Bikers offer an unusual service and resources that the general public may not have access to. We want to provide abused families with support and protection that a child victim can trust.

Our vision is to generate awareness of child abuse by educating the public and making them aware of the steps to take, in order to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child abuse.

Our members share a common goal in that we enjoy the open road on our iron horses and are here to convey an important message; ‘We stand as one prepared to protect this priceless resource’.

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